Bozen Saric

  • Bozen Saric

Božen Šarić (born 1993.)

Božen Šarić is a passionate, cross-functional, creative and results-driven recruitment professional with experience since 2017 in IT recruitment across the financial, banking, insurance and automotive vertical, covering fields of expertise such as IT security, BPMN, databases and system dynamics, and thriving in international environment. Božen is a firm believer that new digital solutions will improve the candidate experience and the client satisfaction. 
In his current position as Talent Acquisition Manager at Perit Consulting, Božen is responsible for Identifying global talent for our end-customers, mostly in DACH region and Central Europe, whilst satisfying client demands by identifying and presenting exceptional candidates. As a generalist with educational background in both business economics and managerial informatics, he is able to bring his wide area of expertise with emphasis on IT Security and BPMN to understand client demands and requirements at an expert level.

Tel.: 089 20 500 8460

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