Dario Deris

  • Dario Deris

Dario Deriš (born in 1995).
He started his career at PerIT in 2022 after completing his studies in economics. After a few years of working in finance and marketing, he decided to start working in Recruitment as an IT Recruitment Specalist.In his spare time, he trains people in the gym and helps them reach a better lifestyle, both physically and mentally. He enjoys his job in Recruitment because he enjoys working with people and helping them find their “dream job”. He is a very communicative and social person with a great knowledge of the IT Sector, thus contributing a lot to his team at PerIT."I've always enjoyed helping people in various ways. Whether you're giving them advice on nutrition, training or consulting them about a job, it really fills me with joy because I know I help a lot of people with my expertise."

Tel.: +49 151 4280 6253
E-Mail: deris@perit.com

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