Kirstie de Bruyn

  • Kirstie de Bruyn

Kirstie de Bruyn (1970)
is graduated as master in marketing communication and a second master in Psychology, both at the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Radboud University) from 1990 till 1995.
She started her career in the staffing industry (as recruiter), relatively soon after this step she obtained a management position in the public sector as Sales and Marketing manager at the Music- and Concert hall of Nijmegen (at the same time Management Member).

Since 2001 Kirstie is a senior consultant (Head Hunter), first at Psychological advice agency GITP, from the Nijmegen office, but later from the Amsterdam office.

In 2007 she moved to The Hague to start as a partner at Nassau Recruitment (Cooperate market) and later at Leeuwendaal (public market). At both firms she performed searches at Executive level (as a partner).

As senior headhunter she is specialized in more complex recruitment- and personal development cases. She also guided executive managers into their new roles. In 2014 she moved to Munich and joined PERIT Consulting in Munich.

Tel.: 0176 54423806

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